Fun Facts

At 21, I quit my reputable London corporate job and "shoe stringed" it around the world for 3 1/2 years literally living on a dime with my back pack!


Revive My Life Now is all about YOU reviving YOUR life now. Mending and healing your gut, or going on a great cleanse can transform and add sparkle to your minute to minute experience of your daily life


Although I am a foodie, I viciously dislike rice pudding! Yuck!


At 43, my teenager left home, so I took a motorcycle trip thru India for three months. It was a hellish, stimulating, often life threatening trip. Then I wrote a book about it! (which is longing to be published)



“Life is good” won't just be on your t-shirt – it will be in your heart" ❤️


My credentials include:

I've been a Natural Health Specialist since 1993 and I focus on “Gut” Health first because I believe that is the foundation to our overall health, Well-Being and vitality.  I ran my clinic "Body Rejuvenation" and have been "practicing" for over 23 years.

I know that this is what I'm supposed to be doing! I'm proud that I am referred clients from the Gastroenterology clinic that doctors have given up on. Clients invite me to their weddings, summer parties and Christmas gatherings because of the connection and trust we have. I've attended countless seminars and conferences on intestinal health, healing modalities and holistic approaches to health that work for over 23 years. I incorporate mental emotional well being into all my sessions and teachings. I'm a graduate of the Oneness University in India and Fiji, I'm a Washington state Licensed Massage therapist since 1993, Certifed Advanced Colon Hydrotherapist since 2000, Member of International Associtaion of Colon Therapists, Reiki master, Certified in Oncology massage, Feng Shui Master,  Reflexologist and more! I read health books for fun on my my vacations! This is in my blood!


I have more pictures of my dog, Rica, on my cell phone than of my daughter!


Vanessa loves to be an I-Phone photographer and most of the pictures on this site she has taken









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Flush all your problems away...

Common sense, quick, affordable, tested proven answers to your gut problems. I've helped literally 1000's of people and my goal is to help you too

This maybe too much information BUT! It wasn't until I was in my late 20's that I even know I was constipated. I was going to the bathroom twice a week and was told that was "normal for me".

My story could be a soap opera! Born into a lower class British household with snooty upper class stigmas my "PG13" version of my "about story"  is that it was an unconventional rocky upbringing. There was alcoholism, abuse, prescription drug addictions in my family. Life has been an uphill struggle that I'd like to imagine would be like climbing Mt Everest without Oxygen - it was an endless grind. I knew I was physically and emotionally "full of shit' ( excuse my pun intended) because of my relentless dysfunctional relationships and a lot of internal and emotional scars that would continue to surface.  You may not care less but.....


Geez, lets be honest! I wanted to go to the bathroom and not come out with blood on my toilet paper from straining. "To hell" with my painful bloated tummy aches, dreading going to the bathroom, red dry skin, headaches, foggy mentality and zero energy for life. At one point I considered installing a phone line into my bathroom! (that was before I-phones)  I was desperate to get rid of the "back pack' of inconvenient socially acceptable gut issues as well as the emotional baggage that seemed to be so closely related to my physical struggles. My journey took me around the world and back a few times.  My hunger to learn was insatiable. I had funked out academically at school but became a student of life successfully

I've found solutions to your problems

All I wanted for my birthday was to be healthy. I wanted to feel clean. I wanted to solve my health and emotional issues. I wanted to do all the things that everyone else was doing such as travel, feel beautiful, have energy, healthy skin, like my body, laugh from my heart, feel safe and fall fully and safely in love

My greatest joy is seeing the clear sparkle in my clients eyes and hearing....

" I feel fantastic. Thank you"

I've got the answers that you are looking for. I've helped some of the worst case scenarios get up and out of extreme gut problems with simple workable easy to incorporate plans. Its not just about constipation. There's a whole host of issues that need to be addressed and we get into them all.  I know how badly you feel and that the onion layers just seem to keep on peeling off endlessly. I've come from hell and I can bring you back too

I've got a great plan for you

Listen, You are not a sinking ship. There's light at the end of the tunnel. There's room in my net for you. It can be a confusing world what with the health insurance problems and so much on google to read and conflicting points of view on everything! It can seem like there's no time to take care of yourself and there's a lot of demands being made on you just to get through the day. I've got your back (and your booty) and what I've accomplished with my health and life, you can too.


Its time to REVIVE your LIFE!


Yes! My GUT says I'M READY!