Vanessa is excited to offer specific “Body work” that is unique to her style and experience. After over 23 years years of being in the healing arts she is excited to "niche" down her own personal style of massage therapies that she has found to be effective in pain relief but will rejuvenate and relax you every time

Below is a brief description of her “smorgasbord” of body work offerings,


  • "Healing" Massage; Unique to Vanessa, this is a blend of experienced intuitive hands to relax and release the tightness in your body. Include up to 2 "DoTerra" essential oils for free. Modalities such as reflexology, trigger point, passive stretches, hands on energy healing optional and at no extra cost.

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM); LDM can be very beneficial for people who have had Lymph nodes removed, folks with edema or people who have recurring sickness. Congested Lymph usually shows up as swelling, (sometimes painful) but also persistent coughs and colds and a general "under the weather" feeling of low energy and lethargy can mean the lymph has become stagnant. Often when we are sick we do not exercise and this facilitates a slower circulation of lymph that does not support getting well again! LDM acts as a gentle “pump” and can help to flush out the toxins and improve your immune system taking a burden of the circulatory system. This is a gentle rhythmic modality focusing on the lymph nodes following the direction of the lymphatic system and gently increasing the lymph flow to release congestion in the body. Can be combined with a colonic as a "pre-flush" or lymph activation to really aid the body in releasing more.

  • Far Infra Red Richway Bio Mat; Used by NASA....... (This can be a pre-colonic session, added to your massages session or a lymph stimulating/cleansing massage) 3X more powerful than the Infra Red Sauna, we offer you the “Richway Amethyst Bio Mat” Far Infra Red (FIR) therapy, or Thermotherapy. The Richway Bio amt has been tested and researched Internationally it has been confirmed that diverse healing is triggered by FIR when the body tissue temperature is gently increased – from the inside out. Once the body is at its prime temperature, all the chemical / systemic processes of the body can function optimally. The “Richway Biomat” increases and maintains the core temperature for many hours even after the session. Along with the FIR, the mat induces deep relaxation by releasing highly therapeutic NEGATIVE IONS and healing properties of AMETHYST.The unique process is non-invasive, extremely relaxing especially when combined with massage therapy or pre-colonic. Health improvements/benefits can include: (but no limited to): cellular detoxification, lymphatic support, chronic pain relief, fibro myalgia relief, increased blood flow/circulation, anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity (including Lyme disease, cancer) diabetes, hypertension, insomnia,increases metabolism,fights infection,relieves stress and more. Check out or for more information or give Vanessa a call (360) 296.5842

  • Foot Reflexology; Access literally hundreds of points in your body thru Foot Reflexology. This "quiet healer" is a amazing way to relax and make progress in your overall well being. Hard to access points such as e.g the sinuses, the head - for headaches, the thyroid, have some gall bladder massage on your feet or have your entire spine massaged

  • Oncology massage; For people living with Cancer. A wonderful therapeutic gift of "Caring Touch", nurture and comfort for all our friends and family on this journey. Safe and uplifting, this experience has often brought hope and a feeling of being reconnected to ones body after invasive medical treatment

  • Fascia release; Vanessa's favorite fascia release techniques interwoven with specific stretches and her amazing intuitive insight into "whats getting caught up in there"! Great for athletes, active people or anyone that is experiencing feeling of living in a tight VICE! If you experience short ROM, stiffness, "sticky" joints, or lack of flexibility in general that regular massage just wont fix then a good session of fascia release will loosen the “corset” you are living in! Massage therapy is included in the session to complete the soft tissue work but this is not necessarily a full body massage

  • "DoTerra" Essential Oil Body 'n' Soul Renewal; Vanessa's signature aromatherapy session! The Do-Terra oils have been a super healing tool for Vanessa and her clients. They enable a deeper level of healing on an emotional and spiritual side when chosen used with that intention. Luxuriate in up to 5 DoTerra medicinal essential oils hand picked out for you after a brief conversation together

  • "EFT" - Emotional Freedom Technique; Also known as "Tapping". Vanessa has personally relied on this easy method to easily "move passed personal speed bumps" in a non invasive manner and without having to go into detail about often pretty "charged" backstory. Vanessa facilitates the session so that the emotional clearing and healing is expedited. She is enthusiastic to educate her clients so they can easily do it themselves at home

  • Healing session; Remain fully clothed if you prefer or disrobe and relax under the warm blanket as Vanessa places her hands on your body to balance your energy centers called Chakra's. She will energetically clear out unwanted energies, balance, mend and refresh your "Auric" field. This usually results in incredibly deep relaxation, better sleep, being more productive, feeling "in ones body", feeling centered. feeling like there's is nobody hanging out in your personal space or just feeling better! "Intuitive" feedback given for personal queries can be included if you request. ( Make sure you ask before you start) Vanessa is a Reiki master and Senior Oneness Blessing Giver. Non-denominational *

* Vanessa is a Reiki Master and can "in-tune" you personally one on one if you request it. Reiki healing can be described as "Universal healing energy" that is available to anyone who wishes to channel it in order to increase the health well being of the recipient. The Reiki healing energy will travel throughout the recipients body to the most needed place whether the healers hands are place there or not. A feeling of deep relaxation, warmth and rejuvenation is often experienced.

*The Oneness Blessing is a very beautiful energy healing that enables the recipient to experience Oneness and compassion with themselves, Oneness with the "Universe" or others and become closer to their personal Divine ( This can be God, Buddha, Allah, nature, Great Spirit etc) 

Please note: Vanessa is no longer able to offer Deep tissue massage. After 23 years of practicing, her hands no longer have the capabilities to go as deep as most people request and saving the last of her strength to scoop her organic coconut ice cream is super important!