Cancer Lymes & Infra Red


The importance of restoring and maintaining a normal core body temperature is fundamentally important for all of us.

A startling truth to take in is that the ultimate body coldness is seen in death. 

One of the very common findings that Dr. David Jernigan* has noticed in cancer sufferers is a low body temperature or at least a very deregulated distribution of temperature in the body. The colder the body becomes the more prone to depression and other psychological abnormalities and all degenerative illnesses of the body mind and spirit. There is a decrease in hormones, neurotransmitters and other body chemicals necessary for normal healthy balance – as a result of low body temperature all cellular functions decrease.

The colder the body becomes, the slower the electrical oscillatory rate (circulation) and therefore the thicker more viscous or syrupy the body fluids become, making it increasingly more difficult for the body to push fluids through the body. The lymph fluids that are normally supposed to bathe the outsides of all your cells become progressively stagnant as it is too thick to move efficiently. As a result of this slowing up effect the body is unable to naturally detox itself and becomes a stagnant less pool of toxins circulating constantly through the body poisoning the cells tissues and organs.

Viruses prefer and promote a cold environment and replicate at a much more rapid rate when the body is cold....